Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LONG time NO see


wow.. it's really long period since my last sketches.. today, i'm not feeling well.. i think fever is coming nearly.. i tried to ignore and do some works at home last nite.. seems it better.. but my throat aches makes me feel uncomfortable..

now, i really busy treating tenders.. lembu, construction, textiles..

i should stop.. works are waiting..

cau cin cau..

Sunday, July 3, 2011



now, status changed to 'married'.. happy but not really feel the marriage life.. being far from him, makes me feel lonely.. but luv is put somebody's need above your own.. so, i'll do that.. huhu..

a week ago, i'm browsing my ex's fb.. a bit distracted by his words, suddenly he came across in my mind.. but, i dont think what he said are real feeling of him.. it's just not him..

i spent my weekend at nilai. completing tenders on the saturday and cleaning on sunday.. now, i lay down on my couch watching tv.. how bored i am.. huhu.. anyway, fingers off.. i wanna go to giant o tesco to buy some goods..

cau cin cau..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sambil menunggu ita buat keje..


esok lusa dh nk pindh umah.. x jauh pn.. 1 step forward to new journey.. brg2 byk dh packing, 60% done.. tggl lg brg2 kt dapur & ruang tamu bwh.. tp, lori x dpt lg.. huhu.. umah br pn x jenguk lg.. hmmm.. recently, feel a bit tired.. not sleep well.. woke up as early as 3am.. even i sleep early..

aku sll camni.. bila dh dkt2 passion akn mula pudar.. nnt dh dkt sgt2, br la semangat blk.. mgkn byk dpengaruhi oleh keadaan tubuh yg x brp bmaya ni.. honey will come tomorrow after work to help me packing & moving..

pejam celik, pejam celik, lg 37 hari aku akn nikah.. skrg x rasa apa lg, biasa2 je.. xtau la bila nk dkt2 nnt.. tp ada a few tiny things yg x setel lg.. wedding cake x order lg.. dulang hantarn cam kena cari back up je ni.. kompang x confirm lg.. wedding car.. n bbrp brg yg kena beli ujung mggu ni bsama honey.. dh janji nk g beli bsama hr tu.. my mom blk twu this sunday..

lg 1 pkr yg mbebankn kepala hotak aku ni.. berat bdn yg x nk turun2 nih.. uwaaaa.. masa dh singkt, berat xnk turun plak.. dh cukup blapar dh ni, cuma x exercise je lg ni.. hehe.. dgn condition aku ni, mmg la ssh nk turun.. nnt dh kawin, xtau la camane ye.. huhu.. seram je klu bayang..

big boss asked me, after married, am i going to stay or resign n reside at dungun? i said i will stay n honey will move here.. really?? hehe.. thats the plan but depends on Allah's will.. i follow... but i really hope that we can live together as a married couple here.. i know many things should b considered, but wait n see..

actually, aku belum smbhyg asar lg.. huhu.. so, i stop here..

cau cin cau

Thursday, April 21, 2011

sad :(


i really upset today.. i dont know how to think.. shud i shut down? shud i ignore? shud i say? shud i cry? shud i worry? shud i ...

i do know the real feeling towards her.. he think of her, remember the memories between them.. whatsoever, they were having such a gud memories that they've shared for about 5years.. what is really make me feel upset that he was the one who expressed his feeling that he suddenly think of something regarding time that they've shared and hope to see her.. i m surely she would b felt sthing after this, bcoz i do so.. i hate this feeling.. but, i can't help it.. ya allah.. pls give strength!

i can't sleep.. i know, she will contact him tonite, they will texting each other and he will definitely forget about me! definitely! i feel sad.. i wanna cry.. hmmm.. :(

i really feel sad!

cau cin cau

Saturday, April 9, 2011

my happy weekend


my honey surprisingly came visit me yesterday.. am soo happy.. umi n others family members came along.. we went to nilai 3, umi bought things for hantaran.. then, we ate at nasi lemak ayam goreng..

miss my honey.. huhu..

cau cin cau

Sunday, April 3, 2011

rasa bersalah.. huhu


huhu.. when i see his face, suddenly i feel guilty.. i dont mean to stab his back, not et all, i just report what i am suppose to report.. i know, he deserve some compliment for what had he have been done, but sometimes he is not reliable.. missing in action.. i tried to help him, but i dont know how.. ya Allah, i hope he can accept this thing..

cau cin cau

Saturday, April 2, 2011

susahnya kalau merasa diri sendiri SANGAT BAGUS..


look at the title, 'klishe' right? a lot of people talking about these kind of people.. suddenly, i think i want share about this topic..

i am 33 years old.. i've been in a career life for about 10years.. its nothing if u want to compare to other successful people out there.. but, of course i am surrounded with varieties type of people. 1 of them is as mentioned above..

i just read a sarcastic status in one of my friend's fb.. frankly, i think i know who's the target.. i m aware of the drama.. the story.. they talking about what is the important using punch card in your office/working place? "throw away that damn puch card machine! u can't judge the worker by their punch card!" - hmmmm.. i wonder, can u give me any succesful company whose not having punch card system? this group of people are know nothing but they talk like they know everything.. pity them!

they makes me feel uuurrrggghhhh.. i was thinking to investigate this thing.. my guts telling me something is going wrong, somebody in the ship sharing something with outsider, which no longer involve with the ship management.. huhu..

hmm.. i hope nothing bad will happen.. ya allah, please give us strength to face all your test/challenge.. and b with us in every step we make and please bless us! amin yya rabbal alamin..

cau cin cau