Saturday, April 2, 2011

susahnya kalau merasa diri sendiri SANGAT BAGUS..


look at the title, 'klishe' right? a lot of people talking about these kind of people.. suddenly, i think i want share about this topic..

i am 33 years old.. i've been in a career life for about 10years.. its nothing if u want to compare to other successful people out there.. but, of course i am surrounded with varieties type of people. 1 of them is as mentioned above..

i just read a sarcastic status in one of my friend's fb.. frankly, i think i know who's the target.. i m aware of the drama.. the story.. they talking about what is the important using punch card in your office/working place? "throw away that damn puch card machine! u can't judge the worker by their punch card!" - hmmmm.. i wonder, can u give me any succesful company whose not having punch card system? this group of people are know nothing but they talk like they know everything.. pity them!

they makes me feel uuurrrggghhhh.. i was thinking to investigate this thing.. my guts telling me something is going wrong, somebody in the ship sharing something with outsider, which no longer involve with the ship management.. huhu..

hmm.. i hope nothing bad will happen.. ya allah, please give us strength to face all your test/challenge.. and b with us in every step we make and please bless us! amin yya rabbal alamin..

cau cin cau

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