Thursday, March 31, 2011

budget calculating


it's already 1.44am.. my eyes widely open.. thinking, calculating, budgetting.. i hope time flies faster and june become closer.. i just wanna it goes smoothly as planned.. hopefully everything is in order and budget planned is sufficient.. this is an important momment.. we have to stick n discipline ourselves to ensure everything is fine..

phew!! finally, my eyes give up n ready to b close.. gud nite all.. remember allah before u sleep..

cau cin cau..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

excitement continue


i bought curtain cloth.. pinky peach.. whoaa!! i'm so excited! saturday! please come early! i cant wait for my sewing machine.. sizes already figured out, waiting to re-measure when i come in.. huhu..

huuarrgg.. suddenly feel sleepy.. gud nite..

cau cin cau..

Monday, March 28, 2011

4 posts in a row.. :)


i posted 4items in a row today.. hahaha.. jakun na juak.. i felt a bit bored.. honey request me to wake him up 6.15am.. hmmm.. tomorrow he has seminar at k.tganu..

my kitten, cibi always bullied her sister, cici.. so noisy.. i have 1 cat named cj7.. she has 2kids - cibi €and cici.. cibi is so active kitten, naughty.. cici is smaller than cibi, less energize.. i hope she has long life..

nothing else to do.. coughing come again wif difficulty to breath.. most probably because of the cats' furs.. huhu.. b patient until i move to nnew home.. i'll make sure they have a comfort zone.. not rely on me all the time..

i'm not doing my isya' pray yet.. after shower, i just let my hair drying.. n the meantime, i am blogging.. huhu.. right after this, i'll complete my duty n go to sleep! :)

tomorrow's planning - buy tender, check status of all participated tenders, f/up aircon status, planning for the next service schedule.. i'm imagining tomorrow gonna b bz.. huhu.. n huaaarrrgghhh.. i am sleepy.. hurry up! solat!

gud nite everibodi..
cau cin cau..

blogging from my phone..


i am blogging from my phone.. haha.. new addiction..

hmm.. i am waiting for maghrib, i am fasting.. qada'.. its my last day! but, i got to continue since i cant manage my weight.. always up n down.. but most of the time, it goes up! huhu.. i have to puasa, to drink slimming tea, to exercise, to control this, to control that.. ohh.. i'm tired n exhausted! at the end, i still fat.. huhu..

another 30min b4 maghrib.. i have mushroom soup, a few slices of pizza and chicken wings for breaking fast menu.. balance from lunch at pizza hut.. bosses were here n had a lunch together.. huhu..

hmm.. my honey didn't call o sms me for today.. n i didn't call him either.. huhu.. ok, i will sms him as soon as i rest my case!

cau cin cau

New home passionate.. walla..


I'll move to new 'rented' home on May.. 1 month to go.. but i really excited to do my home design.. actually, not much i can do because my budget is so limited, but it does not hold me to always thinking n dreaming about it..

i already bought a cheap sewing machine, which i purchased from huhu.. i'll get the machine by saturday.. i promised to En Aziz to pick up at my sis's house at Ampang.. can't wait.. then, the next step, i will go to Nilai Square to pick my curtain cloth.. the design already figured out.. i hope my hands will stretching enough to do all this things.. haha..

hmmm.. yesterday, i had a quick visit to the house, orange painted.. hoho.. actually, i was visualizing the grey + black + cream curtain, instead of orange.. but, i think i will change my mind.. i will choose orange.. plain orange, english cotton.. hopefully they have enough stock..

i was thinking a lot about my cats.. i was planning to cement render the backyard.. so my cats can play around, but i have to modify the fencing.. put extra small fencing.. hmmm... how much the cost ya.. huhu.. oh ya! i think i want to remain some land space to gardening.. hahaha.. would i?? at least i can plant chillies, serai.. hmmm.. sooo excited la..

ok2.. 1st thing 1st.. let me finish my curtain, then i'll go to the next item.. hehehe..

cau cin cau..

Testing 123


Testing 123.. saje mau try..
i wish to share my feelings, my thoughts to anybody who willing to share.. actually this is my 2nd attempt.. wait n see.. how long it will go.. huhu..

cau cin cau..