Thursday, April 21, 2011

sad :(


i really upset today.. i dont know how to think.. shud i shut down? shud i ignore? shud i say? shud i cry? shud i worry? shud i ...

i do know the real feeling towards her.. he think of her, remember the memories between them.. whatsoever, they were having such a gud memories that they've shared for about 5years.. what is really make me feel upset that he was the one who expressed his feeling that he suddenly think of something regarding time that they've shared and hope to see her.. i m surely she would b felt sthing after this, bcoz i do so.. i hate this feeling.. but, i can't help it.. ya allah.. pls give strength!

i can't sleep.. i know, she will contact him tonite, they will texting each other and he will definitely forget about me! definitely! i feel sad.. i wanna cry.. hmmm.. :(

i really feel sad!

cau cin cau

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